In this part of the website we will present and describe the source material used in the monograph, which is the basis of the database system – the so-called Lviv collection.

The basic resource of information is the latest collective work Academia Militans. Jan Kazimierz University in Lviv (Kraków 2015) written under the direction of Adam Redzik, as well as Mariusz Chrostek’s book Golden Years of Polish Studies in Lviv (1919–1939) (Rzeszów 2016) and publications: The History of Lviv University. Vol. 1–2 (Lviv, 1894), developed by Ludwik Finkel and Stanisław Starzyński, two extensive publications prepared by Ludwik Finkel and Marceli Chlamtacz, Chronicle of the Lviv University, which concerns the years 1894‒1898, and Wiktor Hahn’s Chronicle of the Lviv University for the years 1898‒1910.

The starting point for the development of the database system is the Inventory of the faculties and studies of the Jan Kazimierz University in Lviv until 1939 (Kraków 2010), developed and published by Józef Wołczański, and documents of the R-119 team of the Lviv State University for the years 1939‒1945, developed under the direction of Vasil Herun.

In the Application form – archival item section we would like to enable collecting and sharing personal documents of former employees of the Lviv University (until 1946), which are in private collections and have not been published so far.