Over the centuries, the Lviv University (Jesuit Collegium, Jesuit Academy, Joseph II University, C. K. Emperor Franciszek I University, Franciscan University, Jan Kazimierz University, Ivan Franko University) was one of the most important scientific institutions in Europe. It has been permanently inscribed in the history of science and culture of Central and Eastern Europe and its heritage, which has been anchored in the past and has the impact on the present through its successors.

The aim of the project Alma Mater Leopoliensis. History of Lviv humanities 1661–1946 is to describe the importance of Lviv University as a scientific-research, educational, culture-creating and nation-building institution in particular historical periods through the prism of Lviv humanities, and to describe the history of humanities: the main directions of its development within particular discipline (incl. undertaken research topics, methodology), the role of Lviv humanities in the structure of the University itself and the achievements of Lviv scientists who not only have extensive knowledge of particular discipline or disciplines, often standing out for their erudition and versatility, but also are able to skillfully combine scientific interests with social and political issues which attract attention of Lviv intellectual community. Research on the history of humanities in Lviv will be partly pursued by the characterizing of the scientific achievements of particular people, tracing the scientific careers of outstanding scholars, experienced pedagogues and educators, writers and poets merited in culture, but also their scientific schools, seminars and laboratories.

The project consists of documentary and editorial activities: digitization of source materials and scientific description of a database system based on them (the so-called Lviv collection), creation of a three-volume monograph with access to digital archives and an electronic database of publications on the history of the University of Lviv.

The project’s contractors are specialists from several research centers in Poland (Wrocław, Warsaw, Kraków, Rzeszów), as well as in Ukraine (Lviv), whose scientific interests focus on the history of the University of Lviv. The project manager is prof. Anna Dąbrowska, and the team is managed directly by dr Helena Sojka-Masztalerz – both from the Institute of Polish Philology at the University of Wrocław.

The institutional participants of the project are: University of Wroclaw with the Wrocław University Library and the Wroclaw Uniwersity Archives, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv together with the Archives of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and the State Archives of Lviv Oblast

The project is implemented as part of a competition announced by the Minister of Science and Higher Education under the name National Programme for the Development of Humanities – National Heritage I/2017 on the basis of Decision 0170/NPRH6/H11/85/2018.

Due to the hostilities in Ukraine, the implementation of the project has been extended until May 11, 2024.